Roy Nachum blindfolded himself for a period of seven consecutive days using himself as a conduit, to experience the world without sight. His works are characterized by a series of experiments, often involving unconventional methods. This experiment is what led to create this exhibition and design a listening room in collaboration with 4DSOUND and MONOM STUDIOS. 4DSOUND uses omni-directional sound to render vivid spatial sound holograms with precision and clarity. Here, sound has a physical presence and is the primary means of expression. 4DSOUND has the ability to project sound through controlled position, movement, and interaction. The only installation in the world of its kind, the large-scale 4DSOUND system is a marvel of auditory engineering, featuring an advanced setup of omnidirectional speakers and vibro-acoustic transducers underneath the floor. Listeners can choose their own journey, to wear blindfolds for a more inward experience, or actively move around the space, chasing the sounds.

Bloomline Acoustics:

A 4DSOUND system merges proprietary software with Bloomline Acoustics’ pioneering OmniWave technology, which result in state-of-the-art spatial sound systems without a listening sweet-spot. OmniWave is based on applied electroacoustic and natural auditory processing. Conventional stereophony produces a discrete phantom sound image that pins the listener to a ‘sweet spot’. The OmniWave virtual speaker provides sound stability at any position of the listener. In combination with the 4DSOUND Engine, Bloomline’s OmniDrive loudspeakers make it possible to design vivid sound holograms to any space.

On View:

MONOM x Roy Nachum

A unique purely sonic experience, The Elements represents our ongoing quest to comprehend, articulate, and resonate with the elemental forces that form the fabric of our existence. Throughout the history of humanity, the elements have been subjects of intense study, inspiring advancements in science and technology. Humanity has sought to understand, control, and harness the power of these elements. Philosophically, they have been the cornerstones of thought experiments and metaphysical speculations, shaping how we perceive our place in the universe. Sociologically, the elements have defined cultures, rituals, and beliefs, deeply impacting human behavior and social structures.

This exhibit offers a unique opportunity to engage with these elements through sound. It invites visitors to surrender to the experience, to become one with the elements that are not just around us but also a part of us. We are, after all, composed of these very elements, and this immersive journey allows us to access and connect with them in an embodied way. The work is an open invitation not just to listen but to feel and connect your body with sound and space.

Direction: William Russell

Assistant Director: Alessandra Denegri

Spatial Sound Design: William Russell, Shehryar Ahmad, Casimir Geelhoed, Walter Nied

Artistic Contributions: William Russell, Soneiro Collective, Alissa Reimer, Temple Haze, Romain Azzaro, Andy Aquarius, Alessandra Denegri.


MONOM is a collective of artists, technologists, studios, and spaces exploring spatial sound as an artistic and experiential medium. From sound art and music to theater, opera, dance, and the immersive realms of virtual and augmented realities, our mission is to provide space and time for anyone who wants to expand the dimensions of their creative practice and to enrich communal and individual experiences of sound and art. Founded in Berlin in 2017, MONOM is the home of the original 4DSOUND system. Collaborating with over 200 artists, MONOM has become the leading studio in the world for producing and presenting works utilizing this innovative technology. MONOM believes in the potential of this art form to transcend cultural divides through a common language of sound and space. The network serves as a conduit for the exchange of ideas and collaborations worldwide, forging a tightly-knit community founded on the profound act of embodied listening—a practice considered increasingly vital for collective well-being.