A space for reflection and inspiration where time slows down, an invitation to explore of creative freedom through introspection. The interplay between the tangible and the virtual celebrates contemporary art, the past, present and future. A ritual that honors the present moment through painting.

On View:

Roy Nachum

An exhibition of oil paintings, by Roy Nachum. The intimate exhibition space, invites visitors to immerse themselves into the work. The result of Nachum’s labor-intensive process is a series of visceral paintings that are indicative of the spatial framework and emotional emphasis of Mannerism, yet integrate photorealistic elements through source imagery and technical precision. These divergent qualities coupled with the monumental scale of the works create a unique viewer synergy in which Nachum has found a way to reference social constructionism through an abstract process based on reality, knowledge, and trans historical paradigms. Nachum sees his work as an eye opener, a vehicle to allow viewers to confront their own existential apprehensions. His work touches on the senses, the absence of one creating the presence of another.