Movable chess pieces stand as large sculptures offering an artistic re-interpretation of the classic game. The interactive floor animates the space with sound and light as the chessboard becomes an interactive digital landscape. The game is created by the vewiers' artistic collaboration. An audio-visual installation is pressure activated, and each step in any direction triggers both the digital chess squares and the synonymous directional sound system.

On View:

Roy Nachum

The audio-visual installation, interacts with its participant in realtime, with sounds tied to the interactive visuals on the chess board floor. Hand-carved wood chess pieces vs rough 3D printed chess pieces of Crown Kids and characters, play on the transient relationship between nature and technology, a persistent theme throughout the exhibition. Digital screens vs wood squares, invite viewers into hazy moment of ambiguity. Nachum leads this exploration of physical interaction with visual metaphors hidden under the surface of the digital landscape.