Roy Nachum's Portraits an exhibition of five large scale oil paintings - touches on the senses andthe absence of one creating the presence of another. The process split into two parts abstractsboth experience and perspective. Part One: The work is extremely labor intensive and in oilpaint, Nachum captures every microscopic detail of the human face, each portrait taking himwell over a year to paint. Each of his painted subjects are then invited to participate in thecompletion of the work, by painting their self portrait over hist hyperreal depiction of their face.Nachum's collaborators, who are visually impaired and/or blind, are the integral part of the work.It is only after part two; the individuals participation, that Nachum feels the portraits gather theirsoul and unearth their raw presence.

Roy Nachum is a multidisciplinary artist. He attended Cooper Union in New York. Hisexperimental paintings, installations, sculptures and designs incorporate elements traditionallyused in conceptual and interactive artistic practices.