At 5,000 square feet and with a 40-foot ceiling height, The Map uses seamless 16k laser projection as a light source. With twenty-six projectors, and our revolutionary Holoplot sound system, The Map equals to twenty-six surround-sound theaters in 360. The directional sound of the Holoplot system precisely shapes and steers sound beams into two dimensions, localizing sound into sound fields. As viewers move throughout the space sounds change around them.

On View:

Roy Nachum

Nachum invites viewers to experience his work from the inside, as the “painting” painted with light transforms around the viewer, in a sensorial contemplation of the natural world. Compositions as representatives of life’s fleeting beauty are deconstructed and reconstructed to form the “perfect” image of “new” nature. A playground of light and form to bring forth the innocence of childhood wonder. The exhibition adapts to your presence, providing a unique audio-visual encounter for each visitor, while suspended seating offers the ability for a 360 view.